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Will we witness the compassion of a nation?

Remember how I said there is more than one reality?

If you believe there is more than one reality I think you have become confused.  Notice your confusion.  

Will we witness the compassion of a nation?

Solid work.  

I think that there is one implicit assumption of yours to examine closer, and that is that the State will be especially vengeful or overly punitive.  Most of the punishments that will befall the various rioters are described in advance by law.  

The State in America is a lot more thoughtful and powerful than to make martyrs so casually.  

Those whom the State labels Insurrectionist are by others labeled Patriot.

From a certain point of view this (false) label is the Foreign State.  

Trump will likely be jailed for life.  Without Trump the alternative reality will collapse and subside.  Those who believed in it will stay quiet for two years and then pretend nothing of 2016-2020 ever happened.  

Healing won't happen through conversation, for the most part, because people aren't that good at admitting they were wrong.  Primarily this is done just by dropping the subject.  

The State will pave over this entire thing so deftly it will be as if it never happened.  That is the total power of the State, because the State operates through a much longer timeframe than individual humans.  


To be clearer, I agree with the spirit of your words urging healing, but I believe that the reality is that none of us on the Internet have the neighbors that matter.  I certainly don't.  Even the Trump supporting contacts we do have are likely somewhat atypical!  

The Critical COVID-19 Infections Are About To Occur: It's Time To Stay Home [crosspost]

Fair argument. I'm close enough to Seattle that I'm metering that risk as well. The reality is the rate at which hospitals get overwhelmed will vary by a few days, maybe even a week, across the US.