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Thanks! Got in touch and he recommended Kialo, which appears to be a good basic implementation. It's missing some flexibility - specifically the ability to connect every topic - but that might be a feature. 

I envisioned creating a giant knowledge web, where any topic can link to any other topic. For example, a discussion on The Trolley Dilemma might have arguments with edges connecting to discussions on Utilitarianism and Consequentialism. The site's format doesn't allow linking discussions, each discussion has one topic and the arguments flow down from there. 

This creates redundancy - the site has many topics with similar arguments inside - but it also makes each individual discussion easier to keep track of - it may be difficult to jump from topic to topic in a discussion.

I'll try it out on some conversations and see how it works. Based on other posts in this thread, double crux conversations rarely go exactly as envisioned.

Has anyone here tried building a UI for double crux conversations? The format has the potential to transform contentious conversations and debates, but right now it's unheard of outside of this community, mostly due to difficulties in execution.

Graph databases (the structure used for RoamResearch) would be the perfect format, and the conversations would benefit greatly from a standardized visual approach (much easier than whiteboarding or trying to write every point down). The hard part would be figuring out how to standardize it, which would involve having several conversations and debating the best way to break them down.

If anyone's interested in this, let me know.