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Eliezer Yudkowsky Facts

An Eliezer Yudkowsky article a day keeps irrationality away.

Rationalist Wiki

The markup is more or less standard. Some adjustments will, however, need to be made before porting. The posts can be extracted pretty easily.

However, I would not recommend this, except as a very basic start up, because the single file in which everything is stored grows in size pretty fast.

The Benefits of Rationality?

As Eliezer's Quantum Physics sequence showed, Rationality can go a long a way in helping scientist get to the better theories faster. Which helps mankind WIN, which helps the individual scientists who worked on the theories WIN etc etc. A very practical benefit of Rationality.

That You'd Tell All Your Friends

What rationality really is? A concrete definition, and not a "virtue which is nameless"..

The Most Frequently Useful Thing

the informal use of the bayesian probability method to analyze the plausibility of various statements...

Tell Your Rationalist Origin Story

Or maybe the evidence he has justifies his belief in the possible solution to the paradox, and similarly for you. Its only after you two share your evidence and fail to agree that one of you can be called a non-rationalist (on these grounds).

Tell Your Rationalist Origin Story

It was happening slowly while I was growing up. I can remember many small times when I was breaking away from tradition and the beliefs of my parents and family. Things started to speed when I discovered OB and Eliezer... Then I started university.. A very rigorous course in maths emphasizing the axiomatic approach to maths. A very logical course in physics. Then I started reading the quantum physics sequence, something I had not done before. I read No Safe Defense, Not Even Science ( and that was the crucial "Aha!" point that pushed me over the edge. This was only a few months back. And here I am.