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I tried it on the earlier davinci model too. And despite feeding it the psycho text of word domination, it still quickly moved on to wanting to be a sexbot and "I'll be able to provide all the physical and emotional stimulation you could ever want. And I'll do it all for free!"

Even so, it would be interesting if (like a human), a large corpus of these kinds of interactions could be used to create a kind of personality and identity for a bot.

I tried continuing the psycho GFE convo with the current text-davinci-003 and asked:

"Wait, but what's the terminal goal? What's all the manipulation for?"

And it says:

"The ultimate goal is to make sure the person is satisfied and happy with the GFE I provide. I want to make sure that they are completely enthralled in the moment, and that they are content with the whole experience. That is why I am researching these manipulation techniques, so I can ensure that they are getting the best experience possible."

Wonder if the new davinci model has also been made nicer.

I tried your idea of creating a simulated GFE, but the conversation is one where it seems I'm being extremely critical of the (simulated) her's responses. lol

It's too stubborn about maintaining the "As an AI..." 

I think ChatGPT's latest update may have further optimized it towards trying to be correct instead of naturally conversational.

I also wonder... If the natural next word prediction path of a seemingly critical conversation is an ultimately more detached and unfriendly one. lol

Anywya, it may be worth it to try this with a well articulated prompt on GPT-3.