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Absolutely. Most common similar I've seen is buy-a-brick campaigns but I like the idea of doing things a little differently

Thanks, just what I sought and quite timely. I appreciate that.

I'm good for the $1k. I'll put a check in the mail (swipe fees are the devil) and keep an eye out for future opportunities

If I were near a computer any time soon I probably would have mindlessly e-mailed but on reflection posting is probably better in this culture anyway. I have a few questions and notes. For what it's worth, some of these points would have me walk right on from an organization I'm moderately positive toward. LW exceeds that level for me

  1. I've been a casual LW fan off and on for a while, probably over a decade (friend introduced me to The Sequences either shortly after or shortly before completion) and this is the first time I've heard of Lightcone. A link to your main page might have been useful in addition to (not instead of; the summary is good) the summary. Yes we all know where Google is, but it's like not stamping a return envelope

  2. Are you USA deductable?

  3. How much are you asking per individual? I know it's a broadcast but I still strongly advise organizations on whose boards I sit to include a number anyway. "Whatever you want" is a bad answer. Also if someone asks for $1k "no" sometimes looks like $100, but if I'm willing to give $5k to my local fire department and their top ask is $50 I'm not writing a check for more than $50. (actual situation. After a few years I asked and it turns out they just don't need more money. Good on them.)

  4. Are there any investor incentives? Naming opportunities are fun, raffles maybe aren't a fit (though I was just talking with a friend about what an hour of EY answering a stupid question would auction for). MIRI's leaderboard always struck me as cool.

  5. Up and down. What would you do if your current operating budget doubled? How much of a cut/shortfall is probably game over?

  6. Are your financials public, and if not could you generate some manner of redacted-as-you-like p&l and balance sheet (and a lot of folks care more than me about cash flow statements. I don't, in most cases, but that's a whole other conversation)?

  7. Your bullet points are great. Better than half I work with easily

All just my opinion you do what you want. Thanks in advance for your answer and in retrospect for your work

I look forward to hearing them

Are you saying depression is like pessimism, in the above quote? If so, are you saying they are not in fact different, or are you making a claim I'm missing about the difference?

Also sorry for the premature send if that is externally perceptible

How is ""Depression is just contentment with a bad attitude" false exactly?

I'm not trying to claim its true or sport defend flat earth style. I truly believe it's different.

But back in Covid and even early aftermath I remember so often thinking "There's no reason to go out because we're all so happy at home that out likely wont be any better" which I eventually noticed is awfully similar to "There's no reason to go out because I'm so unhappy out that out likely won't be any better." Seemed like a possible window into others' lived experience.

Not really a rationality question but this is the highest concentration I know of people who have known people with depression, and also people who can answer potentially emotionally charged questions rationally.

Heh, we get so caught up in one path we forget others sometimes don't we? That's a great idea. Thanks!

It seems to not be sending me the reset e-mail. I requested twice last night, separated by five minutes. I'll PM Hab, just in case the system forgot my e-mail address, but still a problem if so that there is no message to that effect.

ETA: Multiple messages sent with no reply. Shall I assume this project is no longer going forward?

Metaphor makes sense; I'dn't thought of that. Thanks!

Thanks! That accords with what people have said and with reason better than the former reigning champion.

Sorry for delay; was at a wedding. When I start typing comments on my phone the submit button disappears, so I can only comment from my computer, and I'm trying to avoid thumbs until they fix the asymmetry.

How do folks use the term "bullying" these days? (links to dictionaries will be ignored)

When I was a kid it was simple: child on child violence. Then people started using it for just word stuff without real physical harm, then for adults, then with an implication of warranting the enforcement of authorities to stop...

I get the impression it's currently either used as "being mean in any sense one could perceive" broadly or "being mean in a way we should get people with some form of authority to force people to stop" but I don't know which, or which is closer, and the ambiguity is enough to change real meaning.

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