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IS there a community out there for people who have been able to do this? I find it very difficult to find people who can stay present, yet it improves every single aspect of my life. I try to explain it and you can see it in their eyes they are understanding, but then you can see doubt enter their minds and they lose it as soon as I stop talking. You explain it perfectly which is how I know you figured it out. I learned just by listening to podcasts and audio recordings and one day it clicked. Now I re-listen to everything and more stuff is being said. But the more I listen the more stuff people are saying that just clicks in my head. Im learning at an incredible speed. I'd like to continue this process by surrounding myself with other people who can do this.

If you get this, please message me. Id love to speak to someone else who can stay present, especially if you figured this out years ago you must be so advanced right now. You must have learned so many things.

Thanks, Valentine.