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Regarding Egyptians and Jews, why the Egyptians left no records of the Jews, I answer you with a question: Why you cannot find anything related to the Jews in the stettl I was born in, Jaszbereny, Hungary? No one in Jaszbereny has any idea that half of the population used to be Jewish, that there were three large synagogues, that it had been a center of Jews scholarship. It appears that neither the Egyptian wanted to remember the Jews.


"functioning without recourse"

Is here anyone in this world who is NOT functioning without resource? The Sudanese refugee crossing the Sinai desert to get into Israel, is not functioning without resource? The runaway 15 years old girl in America is not functioning without resource? The Bronx accountant sent to jail has any resource? We are all forced sometime in our lives to survive without any outer help and direction. From the amoeba up, we are all self motivated automathons.


Self-improving Artificial Intelligences have concluded that the universe has a purpose which is pebblesorting. As the ultimate pebblesorters, they know they crown the creation and all the pebblesorters that preceded them arised only to prepare the way to their eclosion. Bikolo, Biko´s re-encarnation, extends its protective wings to the ancestral tribe of pebblesorters, incurably wrong and therefore living prove of the truth of AI pebblesorting.


Spaceship Dematerializer Levers (SDLs) work like magic wands, and are fully detachable. They are also known as barsom. Modern ships of the Enterprise class have electromagnetic shields that protect them when passing through asteroid belts. Asteroids have iron cores, so they are easily deflected. Asteroids that are ice melt down in the field, causing short circuits and sparking.