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This post is shameless bragging:

I donated two days of pay to the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative. As always, this is incredibly easy to do. If you would like to do so, here is a link:

things that people don't want to read

vampire romance novels

People do want to read vampire romance novels.

From the constant rumors of nonexistent Pokemon, I learned how to distrust the epistemological practices of my peers.

Every time you go the doctor, you put yourself at risk of iatrogenic complications. Following the rule:

Every time you have a medical problem (this is a vague term), see a medical professional.

Is not very pragmatic.

If you do not mind, could you tell us what your initial symptoms were and what condition was causing them?

I sometimes have feelings of separation from my fellow man. Philanthropic activity tends to alleviate this. Likewise, it tends to buffer my emotions from feelings of personal inadequacy. Of course, these correlations are not sufficient to establish causation.

Also, I do get warm, fuzzy feelings. However, I do not hold these positive feelings to be as important as the suppression of negative feelings.

"Remind me to buy you a copy of the Muggle novel Atlas Shrugged," the sourceless voice said. "I'm starting to understand what sort of person can benefit from reading it."

Although the Weasley twins are extremely willing to repay perceived debts, it would seem to me that this inclination is more likely, given their usual inclination towards public action, to be of positive utility in the long-run.

It seems pretty clear from chapter 61 that MOR!ArthurWeasley knows precious little about the muggle world.

When it comes to wizards who lack recent Muggle ancestry, Arthur may well be the most knowledgeable expert regarding these matters. Considering the racism of even well-meaning wizards, this likely gives Arthur a certain degree of clout in certain circles.

I donated to the Against Malaria Foundation, which is GiveWell's top charity.

Here is a link for those who wish to do likewise:

After more work than I would honestly prefer to put into such an effort, I eventually found this post:

As a curiosity, this post cannot be found from my user-page, nor can it be found via Wei Dai's app. Fascinating.

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