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Overcoming suffering: Emotional acceptance

I'm mostly distancing myself because, even though some people seem to have achieved good results (e.g. Tarin Greco), almost all of them seem like nutjobs to me, but maybe they are really happy nutjobs.

Exactly. Other than Tarin, Trent, Stephanie and maybe Peter, others don't seem pleasantly normal to me at all. I'm glad that I experienced PCEs, else I would have easily turned away from Actualism with much haste as there is much to detest the way it is presented.

Overcoming suffering: Emotional acceptance

Disclaimer: I practice this method myself.

That sounds bad. Wanting to eliminate negative affect I understand, but eliminating positive affect too sounds pointless and probably harmful.

Although the end goal is that of peace and harmony as evidenced by the Pure Consciousness Experience, the method to get there requires seeing three kinds of feelings: good feelings, bad feelings and felicitous feelings. The intent is to minimize the good and bad feelings, and maximize the felicitous and innocuous ones.

Some examples of -

good feelings: love, compassion, sympathy, belonging

bad feelings: anger, fear, sadness, boredom, hate, loneliness

felicitous feelings: joy, delight, fun, marvel, wonder