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[LINK] Father of Cryonics "Dies" at age 92

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Free (old) scientific papers [Link]

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Yes, but I've got the complicated issue of taking your interjection entirely truthfully. I don't strongly believe you have any motivation to lie to me, but I may want to go through a few just to verify.

In any case, I'm not going to do it *now*, just when I have some spare time and am not browsing ...(read more)

Can I take back what I said about being cool with you tazing me?

I think I'm just going to go read this thing in order and ignore any responses to my comments for a bit...

In the interest of full disclosure, I read the majority of this exchange in unordered chunks from the Recent Comments and mostly-backwards by going up context levels and trying to figure it out. And like I [said to paper-machine]( I don't m...(read more)

>>If I were a Confessor I would have tazed you by now.

Thanks for pointing that out. Typing quickly on the go does not afford much spell/grammar checking.

And yes, by all means, I only meant that from reading (most of) the comments and discussion on this topic that I in my current state would have...(read more)

What about the part where you ignored the things you were asking for, and kept pressing on slightly-modified issues?

I'd call that trolling, along with the tone of some of your comments.. Silas, frankly, this could have been executed much more diplomatically.

I agree. This makes a perfect end point to the discussion, and unless anything actually relevant comes up, not reiteration of the same points, ignoring their previous refutations, you should stop it here.

I've identified as that before, but I find it doesn't really apply well anymore.

Instead of slapping labels onto finer and finer grained levels of the fluid scale, I just have a clearly defined set of things that I will do with men, and a clearly defined set of things I will do with women, and that...(read more)

I don't know many normal people and suspect they're dull.

Upvoted for this.

I think there's a reasonable middle ground between fire-and-forget posting that you're pushing, and the obsessive checking of posts that luke (very clearly) hyperbolized.

If I was a [Confessor]( I would have tazed you by now.

I am alright with your original questions on this, but now you're stretching. You seem to be going to unnecessary extremes to find fault with anything and everything that Luke has said on this...(read more)