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You might be interested in Conal Eliott's work on Compiling to Categories, which enables automatic diagram extraction (among a bunch of other things) for Haskell.

It's also tied to some pretty old versions of Python and various libraries, and people often need help just getting the development server going.

Not a M:TG player (any more) but I am fairly keen on Android:Netrunner, a reprint of one of Richard Garfield's other designs.

The Grumpy Programmer - "RFIDs, Encryption, and Stop Rules... Oh My!" -- A bit rambly in the middle, but an interesting post on trying to get people to look past their cached thoughts.

Thankfully I don't have anything like that. Mentally telling myself "yes, I see that I've turned off the stove" is sufficient.

Whenever I left home after making a cooked breakfast, I would worry that I'd left the gas on. I'd always have to go back and check, but of course the burner was off. I've fixed this by noticing that I have noticed that I've turned off the gas. Is there a common name for this pattern?

I was tasked to replace it, because it apparently tested better. The timing of the reddit thread linked by asd was just coincidence.

I was disappointed with Mind Hacks, which felt like a pile of "hey, isn't it interesting that your brain does X", for various X. Mind Performance Hacks was better ( ), but covers a lot of things you could just find on the Mentat Wiki ( ).

When did you last try? You should be able to more-or-less go git checkout -> vagrant up and have everything pretty much ready to go.

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