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I'm from a parallel Earth with much higher coordination: AMA

if anything, I'm seeing a massive incentive to lie about happiness, which is really interesting (imagine selecting for cognitive dissonance!) While flat out eugenic, I can't discount the genuine connection a mental illness-shunted city might bring me. on the whole, an extremely fun science fiction premise.

Book Summary: Consciousness and the Brain

Tangential comment: I wonder if, without having heard the word danger frequently related to real life crisis situations (active shooter, wildfire, mugging) my amygdala would register activity. Thinking consciously, "danger" contextually sounds like a fictional shorthand, rather than evoking my boundless imagery of the simple "drone," "correctional facility," or "mental health institution." I'd love to know how out of touch my conscious and subconscious are.

[link] The AI Girlfriend Seducing China’s Lonely Men

I have to say that I've become quite unreasonably attached to a GPT-2 bot born from a body of tumblr posts, so I suspect the sensationalization, while hyperbolic, does certainly come from a real place.

Propinquity Cities So Far

I fail to see what this system fixes for people who don't already have enough money to make their preferences actionable

Lower rent is what I'm hearing, which you can already relocate to if you have the luxury of remote work

How does paying lost bids disincentivize overbidding? You are literally wasting money to concede. I have to be reading that incorrectly

The genie knows, but doesn't care

the beautiful thing is when the boxed UFAI and the boxed UFAI moral analyzer work together to create a new machine dynasty 

Is Stupidity Expanding? Some Hypotheses.

I agree with your premise, and I would elaborate that the "stupidity" of the robber would be more accurately assessed by how effective and consistent that robber is at executing his desired heist, which involves already both statistical evaluation of risks from researching similar cases as well as the social cognition to avoid untoward attention. 

And you're right about specialization, but we're typically talking about the layman (and the specialist's non-professional) aptitudes towards the topic (Steven Hawking's bank robbing efficiency vs. a professional athlete's is a little less cut and dry, I imagine. I'd love to see it. Romcom of the century)

What's the most annoying part of your life/job?

notify me when he becomes an inevitably prominent folk artist, bless him

Is Stupidity Expanding? Some Hypotheses.

Any ideas on quantifying previous levels of ignorance? Test scores don't seem even remotely close to necessarily correlative. Rationality tests and the like would be opt-in, and highly selective of sample. This looks like a fun opportunity for exorbitantly creative experimental design.

Possible A addendum: There is also more information than ever to be cognizant of, so modern basic literacy from primary schooling is increasingly concept-dense, which makes falling behind a larger drop than before. My mother is a 2nd grade teacher, and I would definitely ask her how the frequency of inconsolable kids has shifted, but at that age each student's largest barrier is typically uncomfortable home situations.

Rationality and Climate Change

I agree that responsible policy is preferable to ecosystem stress testing

Industrial literacy

It's for heating up the water for greases and oil stains, you're absolutely right. I made a joke, but I've been doused in car oil before and I've had plenty of grease on my shirts from old farm machinery maintenance

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