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Neel was advised by the authors that it was important minimise batches having tokens from the same prompt. This approach leads to a buffer having activations from many different prompts fairly quickly. 

Oh I see, it's a constraint on the tokens from the vocabulary rather than the prompts. Does the buffer ever reuse prompts or does it always use new ones?

  • We store activations in a buffer of ~500k tokens which is refilled and shuffled whenever 50% of the tokens are used (ie: Neel’s approach). 

I am not sure I understand the reasoning around this approach. Why do you want to refill and shuffle tokens whenever 50% of the tokens are used? Is this just tokens in the training set or also the test set? In Neel's code I didn't see a train/test split, isn't that important? Also, can you track the number of epochs of training when using this buffer method (it seems like that makes it more difficult)?

Hey, great post! Are your code or autoencoder weights available somewhere?