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Open Thread June 2018

Curious about this as well since neither of these recently-updated articles from the NYTimes-owned (meta)review site The Wirecutter mention being able to find any bone-conduction headphones they liked.

Sophie Grouchy on A Build-Break Model of Cooperation

These were my first ideas as well, albeit in reverse order ;) Having thought a bit more now, I might prefer yet another option -- what about "twirling"? (like "in circles" or "your hair")

Open thread, August 28 - September 3, 2017

Here's a post, though not from Alicorn, that has some info that may be of interest: http://lesswrong.com/lw/453/procedural_knowledge_gaps/3i49

FWLIW, I took "I've never heard of metatroll either, but I won't hold that against them :)" as intended to have a net-deëscalatory effect, even if it didn't seem to be entirely subtext-free. (and this combination of attributes is not something I have a problem with)

Diaspora roundup thread, 15th June 2016

FYI, this is the original source of that top line you're quoting: http://asofterworld.com/index.php?id=740

(the alt-text might[n't] also be noteworthy to you, which reads "Understanding is for terrorists.")

Open thread, Oct. 12 - Oct. 18, 2015

Feel free to comment -- since only the user you're replying to (and anyone that has chosen to subscribe to updates for that specific post) is notified, you don't need to fear being a distraction to masses of people who might no longer care.

Open thread, Aug. 10 - Aug. 16, 2015

I strongly dislike this. The head seems too ornate and the outline reminds me of so-called "tribal" tattoos, which seems low status. The body being subtly asymmetrical is a slight annoyance as well and with the owl now being centered in the image I think the subtitle should be too.

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