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Assuming AI doesn't care about acting ethically, and even assuming AI can communicate and find useful things for us to do, there's no reason why AI wouldn't just manipulate and coerce humans rather than trading with them. 

Even in real-life we have plenty of examples of humans enslaving each other, when you get sci-fi possibilities like an AI just implanting mind control devices in human heads, then why would an AI waste resources and probably sacrifice efficiency just to trade evenly with humans?

I think distillation can describe the process very well from the right perspective. Imagine an academic paper in physics or math with pages of bunch of formulae. Obviously, the average person isn't going to understand them, so a distiller would take out all the jargon and specialized knowledge to leave behind the main ideas. 

I feel like this story describes very well the compromises that certain religious individuals make, or don't make, regarding abortion.