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As I'm waiting to watch the Trump Obama meeting, I'm changing my mind to elaborate. I've never really been an active participator in the LW community and if I'm going to distance myself further so be it. As an example, compare this to this and this. If Eliezer actually believed that politics is the mind killer and had any interest in intellectual honesty, he would admit he was hoodwinked by that live action roleplay game of his. He won't, hence my disgust.

I fully agree with this.

edit: someone may think this comment doesn't contribute at all. the someone that did also took the additional step of downvoting the OP, so make of that what you will.

I have taken the survey.

So, after what happened.. turns out I was both wrong and right.

If a viable solution is posted before 12:01AM Pacific Time (8:01AM UTC) on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015, the story will continue to Ch. 121.

Otherwise you will get a shorter and sadder ending.

So failure would have just meant the end, and yet there was nothing to worry about: the much larger audience managed to figure out a space of much more effective solutions, along with a much more hilarious space of failures.

single Scheme lambda

What scaffolding are you going to use for the tests? (For example: #!racket seems to be implied. I'd like to be sure of all of your details.)

Is Omega Impossible?

No, Omega is possible. I have implemented Newcomb's Game as a demonstration. This is not a probabilistic simulation, this omega is never wrong.

It's really very obvious if you think about it like a game designer. To the obvious objection: Would a more sophisticated Omega be any different in practice?

For my next trick, I shall have an omnipotent being create an immovable object and then move it.

edit: sorry about the bugs. it's rather embarrassing, i have not used these libraries in ages.

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