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A historical analogy might be the assassination of Bardiya, who was the king of Persia and the son of Cyrus the Great. Darius, who led the assassination, claimed that the man he killed was an impostor who used magic powers to resemble the son of Cyrus. As Darius became the next king of Persia, everyone was brute forced into accepting his narrative of the assassination.

I meant  the noise pollution example in my essay to be the Coase theorem, but I agree with you that property rights are not strong enough to solve with AI risk. I agree that AI will open up new paths for solving all kinds of problems, including giving us solutions that could end up helping with alignment.

The big thing I used it for was asking it to find sentences it thinks it can improve, and then have it give me the improved sentence. I created this GPT to help with my writing: https://chat.openai.com/g/g-gahVWDJL5-iterative-text-improver

I agree with the analogy in your last paragraph, and this gives hope for governments slowing down AI development, if they have the will.

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Germany should plant agents inside of Russia to sabotage Russian railroads at the start of the war. At the start of the war Austro-Hungary should just engage in a holding action against Serbia and instead use almost all their forces to hold off the Russians. Germany should attack directly into France by making use of a surprise massive chemical weapons attack against static French defenses.

He wrote "unless your GPT conversator is able to produce significantly different outputs when listening the same words in a different tone, I think it would be fair to classify it as not really talking." So if that is true and I'm horribly at picking up tone and so it doesn't impact my "outputs", I'm not really talking.

I think you have defined me as not really talking as I am on the autism spectrum and have trouble telling emotions from tone. Funny, given that I make my living talking (I'm a professor at a liberal arts college). But this probably explains why I think my conversator can talk and you don't.

You wrote "GPT4 cannot really hear, and it cannot really talk". I used GPT builder to create Conversation. If you use it on a phone in voice mode it does, for me at least, seem like it can hear and talk, and isn't that all that matters?

Most journalists trying to investigate this story would attempt to interview Annie Altman. The base rate (converted to whatever heuristic the journalist used) would be influenced by whether she agreed to the interview and if she did how she came across. The reference class wouldn't just be "estranged family members making accusations against celebrity relatives".

By "discredited" I didn't mean receive bad but undeserved publicity. I meant operate in a way that would cause reasonable people to distrust you.

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