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Will grocery stores thwart social distancing, and when should I eat my food stockpile?

Amazon Fresh doesn't deliver to my address, but with Amazon Prime, Amazon pantry, and Walmart.com I can still get a lot of food delivered to my door. I put packages in my basement (without touching them) and keep them there for at least 3 days before opening. If you don't have a basement, I suggest you put packages into a large garbage bag and leave them untouched for at least 3 days.

Advice on reducing other risks during Coronavirus?

Yes, if you are in public, but probably not if you are in your home.

Advice on reducing other risks during Coronavirus?

Don't push yourself too much when you exercise. Hold the railing when you walk downstairs. Get lots of sleep. Don't get intoxicated. Have antibiotic cream in your home.

March Coronavirus Open Thread

Greg Cochran told me in one of our podcasts that having the flu probably provides protection against getting COVID19 because having the flu activates your immune system.

March Coronavirus Open Thread

Consider getting a humidifier in case someone in your household gets COVID-19, because high humidity might reduce the transmission of the virus.

Frivolous speculation about the long-term effects of coronavirus

Lower prices of land in expensive cities. Lots of high income workers are going to experiment with working from home. Some will find it at least as productive as working in an office building. These workers, especially if they have a family, will seriously consider leaving expensive cities.

March Coronavirus Open Thread

From a friend who is a microbiologist Phd "Oh and drink plenty of water. My lab group discovered that humans and cows partially rid their body of viruses (at least adenovirus) through their urine. "

Anthropic effects imply that we are more likely to live in the universe with interstellar panspermia

What if we update on the age of the universe? Imagine that the normal course of events after a high tech civilization arises is for it to grab all the free energy it can as fast as it can and universes where life forms easily do not have civilizations at our level of development at the current age of the universe.

March Coronavirus Open Thread

I have been taking NAC (n-acetylcysteine) as a supplement for a while.  You can (still) buy it on Amazon.  From an Elsevier press release "The authors draw attention to several randomized clinical studies in humans that have found that over the counter supplements such as n-acetylcysteine (NAC), which is used to treat acetaminophen poisoning and is also used as a mucus thinner to help reduce bronchitis exacerbations, and elderberry extracts, have evidence for shortening the duration of influenza by about two to four days and reducing the severity of the infection".  Anecdotally, I stopped taking NAC for a few months and happened to catch a cold.  The phlegm took longer to go away than normal and I happened to read that NAC, which I still had, helped with phlegm, so I started taking NAC again and my phlegm problem quickly went away, at a faster rate than it had been.

You've Been Exposed to COVID-19: What Do You Wish You Knew?

If the hospitals get overwhelmed and a family member in my home gets critically ill, what should I do to help them? Are there good YouTube videos that will teach me the basics of caring for someone with whatever lung problems the virus can cause absent my having medical equipment?

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