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It's pretty much exactly what it looks like; multicolored pseudonymous suns that tweet funny and strange and sometimes-insightful stuff to each other, relying heavily on rationalist memes. I think the original was Instance Of Class, then other people made a bunch of similar ones because it's fun, and now it's a whole Thing. The real identities of the suns aren't made public.

Reminder that Weird Sun Twitter exists.

(Edited link because Unit Of Selection is apparently deactivated)

I think I've been doing something like this for a long time, but imagining the simulated decision-maker as a "Ghost of Agency and Making Things Better" rather than an idealized version of myself. People seemed to find that a lot more confusing than this, though, so I'm going to start describing it this way instead.

It gave me mostly psychological and physiological correlates. I'm interested more in behavioral and social/economic things. I suppose you can get from the former to the latter, though with much less confidence than a directly observed correlation.

Your answer is exactly as glib as it should be, but only because I didn't really specify what I'm curious about.

Suppose you wanted to find out all the correlates for particular Big Five personality traits. Where would you look, besides the General Social Survey?

Meta: I don't think questions need to have "[QUESTION]" in the title. That's what the question mark does.

I've pretty much hated it in college, but this might just be because of the way the courses are taught.

This was sort of my experience. Buy the right books and build interesting projects in the time you would be spending on classes, and you'll probably enjoy it a lot more. You don't need a degree in computer science to get a job as a software engineer; some experience/projects and the broad, shallow knowledge required to do well in typical interviews (and all those other interviewing skills I suppose) are enough.

You sound like you might enjoy Hacker School, by the way.

The only writing sample of Dorian Nakamoto I've seen (an email about model trains) is a mismatch

The writing may have been done by another person. The original story was that Satoshi Nakamoto is an unknown, positive number of people; is that a worse hypothesis now?

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