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This is great! To have posts so clearly read is helpful, so accessible to those of us for whom the auditory modality is stronger. Maybe specific posts, because of high interest/importance/significance/ could be read by a human, not necessarily the author, just because that adds interest.

Choice Writings of Dominic Cummings

I was responding to an assertion that the UK had done well in dealing with COVID because of the speed of vaccination roll out. The head of the UK's medicines regulator said that the authorisation for the COVID vaccine was actually permitted under EU law. I believe him.

It is the case that the UK has a very high rate of infection and deaths compared to other similar European countries. Calls for proven, effective mitigations (repeated by Independent Sage) eg mask-wearing, providing safe ventilation in schools and workplaces, and having a Test, Track and Trace system fit for purpose, have been ignored in the UK. 

I do not know about Germany's mitigations in any detail. I am aware of a much lower death and infection rate there (and in France, Italy and Spain) compared to the UK. 

I saw this in 2020: 
Germany improves ventilation to chase away Covid - BBC News

https://www.bbc.co.uk › news › world-europe-54599593

Book Review: A Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander

I like the elements of both '3. Country Fingers' and '39. Housing Hill,' They sound cool; like they'd work well by allowing us to meet our biophilic needs, and optimise for separate spaces plus a communal hub. Thanks for sharing this delightfully opinionated read; ideas on how to build housing and encourage healthy communities seems vital.  

Choice Writings of Dominic Cummings

Being first to roll out vaccines is not enough, other European countries have managed to keep more people alive, and created safe environments - mitigations such as masks and clean air being the norm. Covid cases yesterday 13th October, 2021.

France: 1,120 Spain: 1,277 Italy: 1,561 Germany: 4,872

UK: 40,224

Choice Writings of Dominic Cummings

Cummings and honesty...I have a real problem with this idea; Cummings presents as the archetypal, self-serving liar. The repetition of denial regarding one's words or behaviour, with frequent changes in the actual substance of that denial, does not make it true. Is Cumming's ability to obfuscate so exceptional?

I remain a Remainer (never thought Brexit a good idea, its popularity was largely dependent on misinformation and xenophobic rallying, combined with disadvantaged, ignored swathes of the least advantaged drawing attention to their plight by flexing a weakened muscle). 

Here in Northern Ireland one may still watch how the unfinished business of Brexit, in terms of the NI Protocol, sold by Cummings & his Conservative friends, is working out.  As in the rest of the UK, Brexit has been handled in such a way that there are serious shortages of workers (eg abattoir operators, careworkers, nurses, lorry drivers, fruit pickers etc the lists go on exacerbated by years of austerity and Tory rule) and goods; the decimation of freedom of movement means no more opportunities for ease of working/studying /research/expertise or collaboration with our EU neighbours, and there's also the matter of excessive import and export paperwork which has resulted in businesses going to the wall. All of these problems are a direct result of Brexit: all economic research predicted the deterioration of economic well-being and industrial growth, and yet such prospects were ridiculed as 'fear mongering' by Tories, specifically Cummings in his role as advisor to Johnson et al. 

When one considers Cumming's own behaviour, in both words and actions, as he sold the UK public the myth of 'Brexit benefits,' there appear to be multiple irregularities.* 


Nowhere more clearly can one see the truth of Cumming's character than through his own behaviour, and the subsequent manipulation, and obfuscation, he employs to ensure he remains unaccountable. 

In what has come to be known as 'The Scandal of Barnard Castle,' those things Cummings said he meant and did, have been reported in multiple different iterations by himself, and by his wife, 'Spectator' journalist and Commissioning Editor, Mary Wakefield. 

Instrumental in formulating Lockdown Rules, Cummings broke them along with his wife and then proceeded, over a protracted period, to tell various stories about their actions and how they were 'blameless.'

The UK media published an account of Cummings' first version of events regarding possibly contracting COVID and travelling from London to the North East of England thereby having broken Lockdown Rules. Cumming's wife then published a different account in 'The Spectator;' Cummings proceeded to hold a special press briefing providing yet another account at Downing Street's Rose Garden; his wife recorded a different version for BBC Radio 4. Most recently Cummings said via Twitter that the real reason for his behaviour was that he felt he and his family were not safe in London. Cummings wriggled as he lied, as he repeatedly failed to admit that he had broken Lockdown rules.

To attempt clarity: Cummings broke the very rules he helped put in place when UK citizens could not leave home for anything other than work, no visiting dying relatives, in Care Homes or hospitals. The formats in which he brazenly lied with the support of Johnson, and through manipulating the media, is deeply concerning as the facts of his misinformation have not been conveyed to the public via mainstream media. There appears to be no holding government officials or ministers to account, the more they say something the more 'true' it is.**


Cummings has no interest in truth-telling. If one wilfully conjures stories in order to present one's own actions and intentions, over time, in the best light, one is simply a charlatan. Cummings wants to be seen as rigorous, rational and insightful, cognisant of that which matters to humanity at this moment in history. He attaches himself to those capable of rigour while he is capable only of unseemly politicking.

The Thyroid Madness : Core Argument, Evidence, Probabilities and Predictions

Your explanation of the chronic tiredness as a 'stuck immune response' or inability to completely clear the virus is useful to consider.

The Thyroid Madness : Core Argument, Evidence, Probabilities and Predictions

Thanks, again for your thoughts and experience. I had AZ first dose (April 2021), 12 hrs later back to severe headaches- like headaches experienced during unknown virus (August 2020) plus shaking from head to toe for under 3 hrs- I was fine within two days, just tired. As I continued to be extremely fatigued etc by time second AZ appointment came, given more info on rare blood clots, I did not take second AZ, but (another month later) had a Moderna and will take second Moderna. Given how ill I've been for a year I guessed that I'd be better with an Mrna as opposed to adenovirus vacc. First Moderna left me with a sore arm, slight sore throat and tired - none of the extreme pain & shaking of AZ. Maybe I'll react to the second Moderna...It seems to me that insights into ME/CFS and Long COVID, here in the UK, are few. I will read your posts & comments again, and look further into treatment for thyroid. Thanks, it is good to hear that you found a route to wellness.

The Thyroid Madness : Core Argument, Evidence, Probabilities and Predictions

Hi, I just read your posts from 5 yrs ago. How is your health and might you have any more insights into discussed conditions? I'm one of those old women (described in your writing) am thought to maybe have Long COVID (no test August 2020 here in Northern Ireland) or 'post-viral with neurological overlay...' currently due to have brain/spinal MRIs. I really enjoyed your ideas especially stuff on thyroid etc I think I present as M.E./CFS and have no answers. All good wishes and thanks. (As thinking is tricky I mostly listen to books so if you have a recommendation, cool).

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