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Nice table and analysis why Mitchell's arguments might be compelling in debates!

I don't think the final vote means much, it just flashed there randomly without explanation after the moderator said there are issues and asked the audience for a show of hands. It could well be a system artifact or a small sample.


Ad ChaosGPT:

Attempting to create (even weak) agent tasked with "destroying humanity" should be made very clear to be out of bounds of acceptable behavior. I feel that I want the author to be prosecuted.

Now the meme is: "haha we can tell AI to hurt us and make fun of how it fails"

  • This would obviously backfire if the substrate were able to cause lots of damage.

What I would like the meme to be: this is extremely unethical, deserving outrage and perhaps attempted terrorism.


Not an organizer, but when they refer to a village "90 mins from Prague" I'd assume they mean by public transport, since it is quite good in the Prague area.