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This tangentially reminded me of one of many worthwhile things (IMHO) Richard Hamming said in his You and Your Research lecture (https://www.cs.virginia.edu/~robins/YouAndYourResearch.html):

"By realizing you have to use the system and studying how to get the system to do your work, you learn how to adapt the system to your desires. Or you can fight it steadily, as a small undeclared war, for the whole of your life."

Thank you for the essay.

IMHO it's worth mentioning that (as a companion to this worldview/intellectual approach - I don't mean to diminish it in any way) meditation/mindfulness works for me on a more immediate and emotional level.

Thank you so much for writing this, I imagine it can't have been easy. IMHO you showed remarkable humanity when you fell in love and remarkable rationality when you fell out. And yeah, the first one will probably get us all killed.

I would be very interested in your follow-up thinking on this experience/issue, please share it as well.

Thanks for the essay. Am I right to classify "setting the zero point" as a subset of framing? How would you relate these two concepts?