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Africa stays poor in 3 ways despite have the most natural resources of any one continent.

  1. Many former colonies still pay a colonial tax to Europe even if they are concidered free nations. We're talking about millions annually. Google "Colonial tax".

  2. Secondly most African Countries were "put in position" to take a high interest loan from the World Bank, or the IMF bank. The high rates keep these countries in debt indefinitely. Google profit earned from African nations, IMF, World Bank. As of 2021 Ghana will be the only African country to pay off it's loan. The Prime Minister make it a National goal publicly. He is still alive. Africans have specilated he would be assinated for going against the grain.

  3. Puppet governments. Google Thomas Sankara. The country of Burkina Faso in the 80's had a Prime Minister that made sure all Women got a excellent education and made sure they had a voice in government. He fix the roads, make sure everyone had a universal education, Healthcare, and jobs. The problem was all this money went to the people instead of the French government. The French government organize a coup which killed the Prime Minister and put in a French supported tyrant in charge. This Tyrant stopped all the programs and reinvested the money back into the colonial tax that went directly to France. The Tyrant was ousted in 2015, he (Lamine Konkobo) excaped to France where the French government Aided his escape.

Africa it does have internal problems but the majority of the financial issues are external.