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Most 'trans-women' I see online (in videos etc) who expliciltly identify themselves as such do not, to my eye, visually pass as women, even if I try and account for the fact that knowledge of their identity could skew my perception. It would be weird that every one of them I encounter IRL would fall into the minority of who clearly pass.

 Bezzi also said "meet", not just "see", which implies talking to the person, and I find that the numebr of 'trans-women' I see online who have voices that pass is even smaller than those who visually pass. It  therefore seems extremely unlikely that hundreds of the people I've met in my city who I thought were women were actually trans-women. 

Why do you insist on using on a loaded and truly meaningless word like "racism'? 

"American immigration policy is unwelcoming to immigrants."

Relative to the truly enormous number of people wishing to immigrate, perhaps. Pre-covid levels of over a million people a year are, however, truly enormous in an absolute sense, even if these people were randomly distributed across the entire country (they're not).