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Location changed to Café Puck due to wet weather.

I have never smoked, but I use nicotine gum occasionally. It feels like it gives me a slight "edge" when I need to concentrate better, and I definitely feel more of an effect than with typical caffeine doses (which I don't consume regularly either). I tend to chew the gums longer than regular chewing gums, but I feel no particular desire for them when, and actually tend to forget I have them.

From recent personal experience at a startup, I am inclined to believe the view, as it makes said experience make a lot more sense.

If you have any trouble finding us, just call me at *** Hope to see somebody new!

If you're late or can't find us, feel free to call me: ***

A friend going to the local Academy of Fine Arts did this for months at a time, having set up his living quarters in his classes' studio. His lodgings were certainly posher than my 32sqm apartment, but he had to build his own shower from a bucket and a clothes hanger.

An online HTML/JS CV resonated well for me. This was mostly the case with startups without specialized recruiters.

This particular instance needn't have much to do with misogyny. I was in a similar situation once in school.

Nice, I hereby commit to being there :)

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