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Rationality Quotes 13

"I normally thought of (insert political part) as a disclaimer, or like the MPAA rating you see just before a movie starts: it told me before I continued into conversation with that person, that that person had limitations to their intellectual capacity or intellectual honesty."

Is Fairness Arbitrary?

Fair is when 51% of a population can agree that they should sieze the possessions of the other 49% and divide it amongst themselves. Otherwise known as democracy. Thank god I live in a Constitutional Republic. But every day it looks more and more like a democracy.

Math is Subjunctively Objective

Come on, everyone knows 2 + 3 = 11!

Whither Moral Progress?

"If everyone were to live for others all the time, life would be like a procession of ants following each other around in a circle."

Someone actually gets it right. Greed is moral. Greed is good.

Where Recursive Justification Hits Bottom

To understand the problem of induction simply think of organism X. Organism X is snatched from the wild and put in a new environment. On the first day in the new environment some strange compound is put in a small dish in the corner. Organism X eats it, simply because organism X is hungry. The second day, to organism X's surprise, the dish is refilled. The dish is refilled for the next 100 days. Organism X's confidence that tomorrow it will be fed is at an all time high by the 102nd day, but the very next day is November 18th. At the height of organism X's confidence that their single variable model is infallible is the exact moment organism X is slaughtered so that I can have an enjoyable turkey dinner for Thanksgiving.