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Thanks for the article. It makes me feel less crazy for having an intricate productivity system in place. It seems to me that either people I know have much less difficulty being productive than me, or I am overestimating their productivity,

I have been using GTD and pomos on and off with some succ...(read more)

I didn't realize these signals were used by Occupy until I looked for good pictures and stumbled on that article while writing my previous post.

The group I was referring to has no ties to Occupy. I'm not sure where we picked up the meme. The wiki article mentions other groups were using some of th...(read more)

They were already using them when I joined, so I'm not sure.

Raised hand: 'want to talk'

Point at someone with both index fingers, alternating (this gesture is a bit hard to describe, it's like if you were making guns with your hands and shooting at them, with a lot for recoil): 'direct response'. You can usually tell how urgent they think the point is by ho...(read more)

At one organization I work with we mostly have a 'wait' culture, and it is socially enforced, since we have recognized that many of our members are 'waiters' and will not speak if interrupters do not give them a chance.

With more than 3-4 people we use several hand signals to facilitate conversatio...(read more)