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I cannot make that date and time, but I hope to hear it goes well.


I finished the survey.

I use the Incremental_Reading_Extension and View_Size_Adjust add-ons. They work.

I can't compare them to SuperMemo, which I have not used. They do not work with AnkiDroid at all.

I'd like to see the Anki manual itself turned into an Anki deck. No one has yet done this. I've not yet completed my incremental reading of that document, and I therefore lack a deck worth sharing.

One gets better results from learning before memorizing, and creating one's own deck makes a good way to understand a complex subject. That said, having an Anki deck for the Anki manual itself would make a fine set of training wheels for the bicycle, so to speak.

I grew up in the Saint Louis area, and I lived there until 2008.

Despite St. Louis's recent improvements in public transportation, driving will work best. If you fly to attend, you might arrive at the St. Louis Downtown Airport--which lies across the state line in Illinois. You will probably arrive at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. In both cases, plan to drive to your destination. If you stay more than twenty-four hours, a rented car will serve you best.

Good work on taking the initiative to start the L.W. meetup. Kudos!

I can't attend in the listed hours. I live in the area, but I work third shift and sleep days.

@Liron, consciousness as an after-the-fact rationalization would surprise you?

And this post seems suspiciously like a set-up for Sterling's short story "The Compassionate, the Digital."

Please define "magisteria" in the follow-up post. I tried three dictionaries without finding its definition.