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Move Over, Insect Suffering: The Insect Vibing Hypothesis

I’m pretty bullish on “insect suffering” actually being the hedonic safe-haven for the planet’s moral portfolio

So as a K-selected species, our lives are pretty valuable, in terms of parental investment, time-to-reproductive-fruition, and how long we expect to live.  As such, the neuroscience of human motivation is heavily tilted towards avoiding-harm; I think the studies say that people feel gains/losses at about +1/-2.5 valences; so, loss is felt much more sharply. (And maybe the average human life is hedonically net-negative for this reason; I go back and forth on that)

But for an R-selected species, we see all these so-reckless-they’re-suicidal behaviors. A fly is hellbent on landing on our food despite how huge and menacing we are.  It really wants that food! A single opportunity for food is huge, in the fly’s expected lifespan, and if the well-fed fly can go breed, then it’s gonna pop out a thousand kids. Evolutionary jackpot! 

For this reason, I suspect the R-selected species are actually experiencing hedonically positive lives, and, serendipitously, outnumber us a bajillion to one. 

Earth is a happy glowing ball of joyously screwing insects, and no sad apes can push that into the negative.

Is the average human life experientially negative, such that buying three more years of existence for the planet is ethically net-negative? 

(Honest question)

(I predict that would help with AI safety, in that it would swiftly provide useful examples of reward hacking and misaligned incentives)

I imagine that WW3 would be an incredibly strong pressure, akin to WW2, which causes governments to finally sit up and take notice of AI.

And then spend several trillion dollars running Manhattan Project Two: Manhattan Harder, racing each other to be the first to get AI. 

And then we die even faster, and instead of being converted into paperclips, we're converted into tiny American/Chinese flags

I suspect that some people would be reassured by hearing bluntly, "Even though we've given up hope, we're not giving up the fight."

Not sarcastically! I wanted to have a Hard Mode available for those whose fasting was going well. 

Vavilov et al certainly did it with seeds available.

I propose we surround ourselves in edible seeds, too. 

  1. From my email exchange with Deadwyler, I took away that DARPA lost interest, and Deadwyler himself disappeared to go work for tobacco companies. And because orexin occurs naturally in the brain, it can't be patented, which means that it's hard to make money on it. 

    (I would expect a snortable cure for sleep would be worth something regardless, but I'm not a pharma company, so what do I know.) 
  2. Felt very different from modafinil; on a moda all-nighter I feel just mostly normal, kinda headachey, and a numbed fatigue. On orexin I still felt like I hadn't slept; let me paste in my journal entry from that day (which is, to my great consternation, literally the only note which remains from this experiment). 

    "Feel spacey and out of it. More so than I did earlier, though that might just be that I'm interacting with people now. 
    Also hungry. More hungry than warranted? Not sure. Had a mealsquare around... 9? 10?

I predict that is an overly-optimistic reason for why they're rejecting the vaccine.

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