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Curing Sleep: My Experiences Doing Cowboy Science
  1. From my email exchange with Deadwyler, I took away that DARPA lost interest, and Deadwyler himself disappeared to go work for tobacco companies. And because orexin occurs naturally in the brain, it can't be patented, which means that it's hard to make money on it. 

    (I would expect a snortable cure for sleep would be worth something regardless, but I'm not a pharma company, so what do I know.) 
  2. Felt very different from modafinil; on a moda all-nighter I feel just mostly normal, kinda headachey, and a numbed fatigue. On orexin I still felt like I hadn't slept; let me paste in my journal entry from that day (which is, to my great consternation, literally the only note which remains from this experiment). 

    "Feel spacey and out of it. More so than I did earlier, though that might just be that I'm interacting with people now. 
    Also hungry. More hungry than warranted? Not sure. Had a mealsquare around... 9? 10?
Making Vaccine

I predict that is an overly-optimistic reason for why they're rejecting the vaccine.