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I do not think FoI requests apply for classified military studies

Polyphasic is useless for the military IMHO.

Its not flexible. Pilots are less useful if they must be sleeping on multiple rigid times.

Its risky. Because if you lose a nap you are fucked. And this is exactly the type of screw-up the military likes least. You train people to stay functional under duress. Not to be germless lab pigs that fall like a feather missing a nap.

Eran Segal, a Israeli researcher, developed this questionnaire.

he got trends of thousands of Israelis to fill out daily. and he got a map of suspect area in the country....

Edited above comment with fuller details :)

Borrowed time. Sue Armstrong. The Science of Why and How we Age

On aging. Very readable. Pretty throughout.

I would have loved Einstein to have written it etc. But it's very much good enough

Going without technique might simply damage the gums sufficiently to outweigh the benefits and more.

Proper flossing that will not damage the gum is relatively easy to learn.

I would guess that most aren't even trying to learn how to floss......

This may muddy the evidence

Dentists recommend: Mouth wash (my dentist friend told me "it's good") Using toothpaste.

I've looked into the literature 5+ years ago. Looks like both of those pieces of advice aren't based on any evidence (definitely not solid, but I recall no evidence rather)

Flossing and brushing co-occur. So it's less easy to collect at least anecdotal evidence.

My 2 cents.

Climate is a global problem. Can only be solved by governments - and multiple governments working to solve it.

Any private action is a waste of time. And contributes to the illusion that something has been done. Which has a massive negative value.

There might be social etc effects of private actions.

Solving a global problem by tilting once own nose in some direction is laughable.

Lots of the processes in business are nonlinear. And some decisions are "sticky" like investments hiring and sunk costs of all sorts.

Knowing the processes are nonlinear mustn't automatically allow for prediction. It might merely change the distribution, and it will be difficult to predict where you are there.

An illustrative idea is assuming that you can show that the market moves at times in jumps rather than in smooth continuous fashion.

This might not help you actually predict market moves when you do not know where the point happens where it goes into a jump from a continuous walk.

In fact, many are trying to predict markets using all kinds of well proven phenomena. In the vast majority of cases, those predictions don't demonstratively work.