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Just a wild idea... A "morse" is the french word for walrus, could it be that GPT made the link between the walrus and fishes and when you ask it to translate to morse it is confused with the animal ?

To me the analogy still holds in business context.

I feel like during high school I mostly went straight up and got lucky that a spaceship (company) passed by, snatched me and gave me horizontal velocity. And now I'm on a pretty stable orbit. I could get thrown out the airlock but my horizontal velocity would most likely be enough to grab onto another spaceship.

In retrospect there were things I could have done to start getting some horizontal velocity and making my falling down back to earth less likely.

I'm also thinking that our being in orbit makes it harder to give good advice to our kids just like Dr. Hubble is not the best source of advice for a new graduate student.

Was your trajectory like mine ? Or more horizontal at first ? Or totally different ?

About "you don’t really hear a lot about sports in the future", I was wondering if professional sport would still be viewed as a job and in a future world where nobody "works", professional sport might not be as aspirational as it is today. Would that be an other reason why sport is underrepresented ?

What are counter examples of sports in Sci-Fi ? I can think of some robots fighting "sports" (Reel Steel, Gunmm, first episode of Love, Death and Robots), some racing (Speeders race in Star Wars), the hunger games as a kind of revisited roman ludi.  I have a faint memory of some kind of low gravity handball but I can't recall the source.