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I think it bears repeating here:

Influence is only <i>one</i> aspect of the moral formula; the other aspect is the particular context of values being promoted.

These can be quite independent, as with a tribal chief, with substantial influence, acting to promote the perceived values of his tribe, v...(read more)

Excellent advice Eliezer!

I have a game I play ever few months or so. I get on my motorcycle, usually on a Friday, pack spare clothes and toiletries, and head out in a random direction. At most every branch in the road I choose randomly, and take my time exploring and enjoying the journey. After...(read more)

<blockquote>But we already live in a world, right now, where people are less in control of their social destinies than they would be in a hunter-gatherer band...

If you lived in a world the size of a hunter-gatherer band, then it would be easier to find something important at which to be the best -...(read more)

Ironic, such passion directed toward bringing about a desirable singularity, rooted in an impenetrable singularity of faith in X. X yet to be defined, but believed to be [meaningful|definable|implementable] independent of future context.

It would be nice to see an essay attempting to explain an inf...(read more)

Coming from a background in scientific instruments, I always find this kind of analysis a bit jarring with its infinite regress involving the rational, self-interested actor at the core.

Of course two instruments will agree if they share the same nature, within the same environment, measuring the s...(read more)

I'll second jb's request for denser, more highly structured representations of Eliezer's insights. I read all this stuff, find it entertaining and sometimes edifying, but disappointing in that it's not converging on either a central thesis or central questions (preferably both.)

Crap. Will the moderator delete posts like that one, which appear to be so off the Mark?

billswift wrote:<blockquote>…but the self-taught will simply extend their knowledge when a lack appears to them.</blockquote>

Yes, this point is key to the topic at hand, as well as to the problem of <i>meaningful</i> growth of any intelligent agent, regardless of its substrate and facility for (re...(read more)

A few posters might want to read up on Stochastic Resonance, which was surprisingly surprising a few decades ago. I'm getting a similar impression now from recent research in the field of Compressive Sensing, which <i>ostensibly</i> violates the Nyquist sampling limit, highlighting the immaturity o...(read more)

<i>And that's why I always say that the power of natural selection comes from the selection part, not the mutation part.</i>

And the power of the internal combustion engine comes from the fuel part... Right, or at least, not even wrong. It seems that my congratulations a few months ago for your a...(read more)