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1: The Bottom Line. <i>since Yeishu probably genuinely believed he would go to Heaven, he doesn't deserve more honor than John Perry</i>

2: Eliezer, whose bias will this article help overcome? Seriously?

Christians won't accept your premise that Jesus died forever. Atheists presumably don't honor ...(read more)


evolution is contingent. so are we. what's your point?


are you a student of ancient hebrew? (aramaic & greek too, if we're talking about the new testament.) fair enough if you are, but otherwise your claims of implicit authority on comparative literary criticism lie somewhat shallow.


and Rolf "the first reaction should be to see whether it's possible to enact more effective methods"

Your first reaction is to assume we're following more or less the right course of action? I suppose it would be heartbraking to "give up" if its not working

1. Development aid for Africa may be ineffective, but relatively small marginal spending on medical care in Africa could have large returns on mortality, life expectancy, preventing diseases like malaria, etc etc etc. Of course, if present infrastructure/political systems cannot handle the increased...(read more)

<i>People don't think about the real weak points of their beliefs for the same reason they don't touch an oven's red-hot burners; it's painful.</i>

Eliezer, unless I missed the analogy, people gloss the weak points to avoid finding themselves in error and avoid the pain of getting 'burned' by woefu...(read more)

link to 1981 Time magazine interview with the president of Argentina - source of Eliezer's quote about democracy absent the people's will.,9171,954853,00.html?promoid=googlep