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Spooky Action at a Distance: The No-Communication Theorem

14 years too late, but I can never pass on an opportunity to recommend "Essence of Calculus" by 3blue1brown on youtube.

It is a series of short clips, explaining Calculus concepts and core ideas without too much formalism and with plenty of geometric examples.

Politics and Awful Art

"Dear God" by XTC is my favourite atheist hymn. On the other hand, "Transcendence" with Johnny Depp made me feel empathy for christians watching bible flicks - I so wanted to like the damn thing.

As to OPs main point, "politics is the art killer" has recently entered the discourse of almost every fandom (if the franchise is still ongoing). Congratulations on pointing out yet another problem years before it became so exacerbated, that people can no longer ignore it.

The Majority Is Always Wrong

Reverse stupidity is not wisdom. Here we have reversed ad populus (aka The Hipster's Fallacy). Pepsi and Macs are not strictly superior to their more popular counterparts by dent of existing. Rather, their existence is explained by comparative advantage in some cases for some users.

Dark Side Epistemology

I've heard Peterson accuse feminists of disregarding what is true in the name of ideology on many occasions.

Sam Harris initially spent an hour arguing against Peterson's redefinition of "truth" to include a "moral dimension". They've clashed about it since, with no effect. Afaik, "the bible is true because it is useful" is central component of Peterson's worldview.

To be fair, I believe Peterson has managed to honestly delude himself on this point and is not outright lying about his beliefs.

Nevertheless, when prompted to think of a "General Defense of Fail", attempting to redefine the word "truth" in order to protect one's ideology came to mind very quickly.

Congratulations to Paris Hilton

If we accept MWI, cryonics is a backdoor to Quantum Immortality, one which waiting and hoping may not offer.

Two More Things to Unlearn from School

Parents getting to their 9 to 5 jobs on time is more important.

SSC Journal Club: AI Timelines

Going any further would require to taboo "task".

I agree your reading explains the differences in responses given in the survey.

SSC Journal Club: AI Timelines

Creating an AI that does linguistic analysis of a given dataset better than me is easier than creating an AI that is a better linguist than me because it actually requires additional tasks such as writing academic papers.

If AI is not better than you at task "write an academic paper", it is not at the level, specified in the question.

If a task requires output for both the end result and the analysis used to reach it, both shall be outputted. At least that is how I understand "better at every task".

Thank you for the link.

Right, none of our models are philosophically grounded. But, does that make them all equal? That's what the post sounds like to me:

Well maybe: deny the concept of objective truth, of which there can only be one, and affirm subjectivism and pluralism.

To me, this seems like the ultimate Fallacy of Gray.

Then again, I am not well read at philosophy, so my comments might be isomorphic to "Yay pragmatism! Go objectivity!", while those may or may not be compatible.

Rationality Quotes: February 2011

The IoT (internet of things) comes to mind. Why not experience WiFi connectivity issues while trying to use the washing machine?

Everything trying to become a subscription service is another example (possibly related to IoT). My favourite is a motorcycle lifesaving airbag vest, which won't activate during a motorcycle crash, if the user misses a monthly payment. The company is called Klim, and in fairness, the user can check whether the airbag is ready for use, before getting on their bike.

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