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The Puce Tribe

So is the hypothetical Puce just otherwise Blue tribers who tolerate or welcome some amount of forbidden talk, media, ideas?

What would you call an educated leftist who has no objection at all to Alt-right or anti-vaxxers speaking freely on twitter? What about one who is actively bothered when those people get deplatformed or legally interfered with, even if it is something truly repugnant such as neonazis? I have read a few corners of leftist media that express these ideas. Is this Puce, Grey, or something else?

Status-Regulating Emotions

In MBTI terms, you may have an Se blindspot.  Se, or "External Sensation" is just what is right in front of you, what you see.  People with high Se tend to be pretty good at status symbols, both reading them and communicating in them (and they also often fall pray to "what you see is all there is" illusions/delusions, as well as "X resembles y enough that x=y, and I'm done with any need for further information.").

Se Blindspot can make people basically fail to grok social status cues at all, and "Your strongpoint is your weakpoint" applies here.