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The Moral Void

There is no morality, it is a fiction to be discarded alongside god and rights. What informs are actions is the trifecta of self-interest, emotion, and social expectation. Our upbringing and later education shapes which of these is given more weight when we make our decisions.

There simply is no moral property to an action or consequence. There is no natural property that is moral. There is no discoverable law or property that can inform an ought. Our "ethical intuitions" are simply emotional responses. No one can say "killing is wrong", we can only say "I disapprove of killing".

Morality is a fiction, your example of saving lives regardless of morality shows that our emotional makeup and social background inform our decisions about which actions are preferable to others.

There is no ought, there is no moral attribute, there is no moral laws, there is no empirical evidence of moralities existence. Morality is to psychology as alchemy is to chemistry.