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Transmission via intermediary species is obviously possible. That the virus has 96% genetic structure to a known RatGN-13 virus in horseshoe bat i s not disputed. Neither is the real possiblity of SARS-Cov-2 originating in a natural gene swapping. What is not credible are the naive assertions of experts discounting a possible lab origin, by repeating essentially the "straw man" argument by K.G.Andersen, asserting that "synthetic lab origin" is impossible because of its proximity to known bat viruses. But no-one is arguing that. There is a very real possibility that a bat virus was modified in WCDC lab by inserting new genetic sequences and the resulting product escaping. This scenario appears even more real when one learns that the head of the bat viruses research in Wuhan, She Zhengli, conducted virus recombination in the lab for a number of years, and published papers on it.