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Thank you very much for the offer. I am not looking for this text anymore.

(after laying out the proportions of all the elements that make up the the human body)

Young Walter: I don't know. Just...doesn't it seem like...something's missing?

Young Gretchen: What about the soul?

Young Walter: The soul? There's nothing but chemistry here.

Breaking Bad, Season One Episode Three

The crucial point to be considered in a study of language behavior is the relationship of language and reality, between words and not-words. Except as we understand this relationship, we run the grave risk of straining the delicate connection between words and facts, of permitting our words to go wild, and so of creating for ourselves fabrications of fantasy and delusion.

-- Wendell Johnson, as quoted in Language Thought and Action

Took they survey. Interested in the results. Interestingly enough, I have had an account for a month or two now, but have not posted anything until now. Thanks for putting this together Yvain.