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Whipped Cream vs Fancy Butter

UHT for cream isn't as bad as it is for milk, and it can be done more or less well, but typically all the cream at grocery store, including the organic stuff, will be UHT: https://www.peapod.com/product-search/heavy whipping cream

Whipped Cream vs Fancy Butter

Where are you? In the US cream is generally UHT pasteurized, but if you're somewhere where that's not common your cream won't last as long.

Whipped Cream vs Fancy Butter

I'm not sure there's any purpose for which chocolate and bacon are both suitable replacements for butter.)

Both would be tasty on toast. Even simultaneously!

Whipped Cream vs Fancy Butter

Our local store brand is 11g fat, 7g of which is saturated, no trans fats: https://www.fatsecret.com/calories-nutrition/lucerne/sweet-cream-butter

Same as Kerrygold: https://www.fatsecret.com/calories-nutrition/kerrygold/pure-irish-butter

(I don't know whether Hotel Bar is a fancy butter or not, or whether you're in favor of high trans fats in your butter)

Whipped Cream vs Fancy Butter

The eggbeater in the image you use in your post appears to have wooden parts (the handle).

Yup. But we've been putting it in the dishwasher for years and it's doing fine. It will eventually lose its handle, but it's about $2 at the thrift store.

(As I wrote above, though, for whipped cream in particular I usually do it by hand)

Whipped Cream vs Fancy Butter

That's fine if you like it, though I would like it less. I really enjoy the contrast between the cool smooth unsweet whipped cream and the strongly flavored warm sweet cobbler.

Whipped Cream vs Fancy Butter

Generally, I'm not very sure why you would use whipped cream instead of butter.

This post is based on my (apparently not universal!) understanding that whipped cream is far tastier than butter.

Whipped Cream vs Fancy Butter

The composition of fancy butter isn't very different: something like 82% fat instead of 80%. Again if you're making croissants this matters, but not if you're making, say, chocolate chip cookies or cake.

Whipped Cream vs Fancy Butter

You can put it in your dishwasher, for example

We'll put our eggbeater in the dishwasher. It's stainless steel and it seems fine.

If it eventually breaks we can get a new one; they're very cheap used.

an electric hand mixer, which is faster than either manual option

I'd be surprised if it was faster after accounting for needing to get the hand mixer out and assemble it? Whipping a serving of cream by hand took me 16s (I timed it for this post)

Whipped Cream vs Fancy Butter

But I'm confused why you're eating whipped cream rather than plain butter. Given you're only looking at one dimension (cost per calorie), why not go even cheaper?

Mine is definitely a simplistic analysis, but I'm looking at two dimensions: taste and cost. I'm arguing that since whipped cream is both tastier and cheaper than fancy butter it makes a much better condiment.

Most of the disagreement seems to be over whether whipped cream is actually tastier, which is totally fair.

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