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Northwest Passage Update

Rereading the post I managed to leave out something important: this isn't a replacement for the chorus, it's a tag you can sing after the rest of the song.

More writeups!

Yes, sorry, including that one was a joke ;)


"When in 2014 the war began, it was a complete surprise and shock for everyone" is the most interesting part to me. People often think variants of "it couldn't happen here" or "we would have plenty of warning".


Medicines are tricky legally (I want to write a follow-up about this)

Follow-up: https://www.jefftk.com/p/emergency-prescription-medication


Water doesn't make much sense to do by mail, since a full water container is so much heavier and more hassle than an empty one.

Food that you buy and keep until it expires and needs to be thrown away is much more expensive than food you rotate through, and is less useful in cases where you forget to go to the store and want some extras of things. It also doesn't let you buffer occasional trips to cheap stores or buffer buying things on sale.

Medicines are tricky legally (I want to write a follow-up about this) and are different person to person.

I'm not seeing much of a market here?


The ongoing maintenance for food and water is pretty low:

  • For food, when I open containers of non-perishables I take them from the front of the line, and when I buy new ones I put them at the back of the line.

  • For water, 14gal/person is two 1ft^3 water containers. I've set a recurring reminder to swap the water out every five years.

An additional cost is the hassle of moving/selling/giving away your stockpile if you move.

For water you can just dump it out and refill at your new place. For food it's pretty small compared to the rest of what you're moving, maybe two ~1ft^3 boxes per person?

Whipped Cream vs Fancy Butter

UHT for cream isn't as bad as it is for milk, and it can be done more or less well, but typically all the cream at grocery store, including the organic stuff, will be UHT: https://www.peapod.com/product-search/heavy whipping cream

Whipped Cream vs Fancy Butter

Where are you? In the US cream is generally UHT pasteurized, but if you're somewhere where that's not common your cream won't last as long.

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