Decision Auctions aka "How to fairly assign chores, or decide who gets the last cookie"

If we yootle for repainting the spare room and I bid $1.2k to your $1.5k, we should probably just hire a painter.

Six-Door Cars

A minivan loses a 2nd-row seat for access to the second row.

Sharing a Car

They reviewed a draft for this post over email, which seems reasonably close?

Sharing a Car

We had previously borrowed their some car some, more informally, and reimbursed them approximately based on what it was worth. The main change here, though, is moving to a system where we can use the car without asking first, which is pretty useful to us.

Sharing a Car

What part do you think we are overthinking? For example, I think it is important for us to be on the car's insurance, and I think it is important for us to figure out a good system for who uses the car when.

Sharing a Car

I think placing this trust in our housemate is justified, given how well we know them and our level of community overlap.

The Cost of a Sixth Seat

since most bigger cars with a full second row also have a collapsible third row anyway (at least as a premium option)

Not in the US; here that's mostly only fancy European imports.

The Cost of a Sixth Seat

I don't think it would be legal for me to be in the front seat at all at the ages I was sometimes sitting in the middle front seat

At least in Massachusetts, there aren't actually any restrictions on children riding in the front seat. They strongly recommend that children don't until age 13, but it's not the law:

I imagine rear crumple zones also have some sort of increasing minimum requirement.

Maybe? But three-row SUVs are not especially long vehicles? For example the Volkswagon Tiguan is 185"; compare to a Toyota Camry at 192".

you will now have 3 cars at your house, and 2 off-street parking spaces, meaning your house will require an on-street parking space

Our driveway does fit three cars, but unless they are interchangeable that's a lot of hassle. Currently, one of our housemates uses the driveway and the other parks on the street; I think we would use the inner driveway space.

I think you've had your house about 5 years, and have said you plan to have it a long time. If even your family previously car-averse is likely to have a car for half or more of the time you are in the house...

Why are you only counting time as a homeowner? We lived in Cambridge/Somerville almost 10y as car-free renters first.

I feel that the parking situation in Boston/Cambridge/Somerville generally supports that parking and housing are not yet ready to be as decoupled as you've proposed.

I think we should:

a) Auction off the right to park in the street, and distribute the money among all residents:

b) Allow people to sell the right to park in their driveway

c) Allow construction of housing without off-street parking

d) Invest in public transit and bike infrastructure

I don't see why us getting a car would change whether any of these were good policy? At current levels of cost and convenience, it is worth it for us to have a car. If those changed, it might not be.

The Cost of a Sixth Seat

No, I agree! We shouldn't get a new car.

(I wasn't properly accounting for interest or depreciation; self-financing makes them less obvious)

The Cost of a Sixth Seat

I don't think these are allowed in the US, but they do make adapters:

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