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It seems I misunderstood. It didn't occur to me that you might have meant "Muggles" literally (i.e. exactly as used in Harry Potter). My apologies.

The phrase "X Studies" refers to lessons about X, not lessons for X. For example, in Harry Potter (or at least in HPMoR; I'm not so familiar with the original), "Muggle Studies" refers to classes that wizards take to learn about Muggles.

So you're either misusing this phrase, or using "Muggle" to refer to LWers instead of non-LWers.

TV/movie audience desire to view people who possess high-status markers...I don't think this has anything to do with respect

This is a contradiction.

I would seriously not be surprised to find that fat people have starved to death without their fat cells releasing fat, and blinded by preconceptions, nobody managed to notice or note down when this occurred.

Out of curiosity, I googled, and indeed it turns out that some of the heaviest people on record died of starvation.

(In the Recent Comments sidebar, this looked like:

Nietzsche is dead God

which is rather different!)

Sexual Weirdtopia: It's illegal to be a virgin past a certain age, say 25. Each person must show proof that they've had sex at least once before their 25th birthday, or face punishment (which could range from a fine to execution, depending on the level of dystopian-ness desired). Stories could deal with the difficulties faced by unpopular or unattractive people in meeting this deadline, or with the complications entailed by the requirement of proof.

An interesting variation would be for the rule to apply only to one sex, say males.

Whom use...can signal an excessive concern with pedantry

Speaking of pedantry, I have no doubt that you meant:

"Whom" use

The "bannination" is here.

EDIT: and here is Eliezer's explanation.

that some single large ordinal is well-ordered

An ordinal is well-ordered by definition, is it not?

Did you mean to say "some single large ordinal exists"?

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