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The path of the rationalist

Also "the teacher smiled"? Damn your smugness, teacher!

Ephemeral correspondence

I'm enjoying these posts.

you do get to decide whether or not to perceive it as a complement or an insult.




Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality discussion thread, February 2015, chapter 113

Harry should trick Voldemort into biting him, and then use his new freedom to bite him back.

[Link] Algorithm aversion

From that Future of Life conference: if self-driving cars take over and cut the death rate from car accidents from 32000 to 16000 per year, the makers won't get 16000 thank-you cards -- they'll get 16000 lawsuits.

[Link] Algorithm aversion

Yes, that's the point.

(I think sphexish is Dawkins, not Hofstadter.)

In memory of Leonard Nimoy, most famous for playing the (straw) rationalist Spock, what are your top 3 ST:TOS episodes with him?

I think it's a bit of a leap to go from NASA being under-funded and unambitious in recent years to "people 50 years from now, in a permanently Earth-bound reality".

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality discussion thread, January 2015, chapter 103

Not sure if it's in HPMOR but the symbol for the deadly hallows contains two right triangles.

EDIT err, deathly, I guess. I don't seem to be a trufan.

A Somewhat Vague Proposal for Grounding Ethics in Physics

I'm afraid I won't have time to give you more help. There's a short summary of each sequence under the link at the top of the page, so it won't take you forever to see the relevance.

EDIT: you're wondering elsewhere in the thread why you're not being well received. It's because your post doesn't make contact with what other people have thought on the topic.

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