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The issue here is the level of functionality on ASD, and why that it. Neuroscience recently has shown an increase in dendrite in the brains of autistic patients, this can possibly lead to some cognition issues - such as many more inputs per neurons causing a lack of ability of the brain to ‘sort’ information, hence non-verbal, non-functioning as ‘neuro typical’ humans. The other issue is the IQ test for intelligence, as an autistic person, I have never been able to take them. The questions almost swim around my own brain, rapidly turning to symbols I don’t understand, as if I’m trying to read Japanese. Following that, the english words become illegible. I’ve seen this in children I teach with maths phobia also. So it’s possibly the range of difference in the type of question or visual acuity. Interestingly my father is an engineer and so are most of my family, most undiagnosed, but some are. I’m on my 3rd degree whilst also teaching, but I cannot get past the first question on an IQ test. Cerebral organoids will provide an interesting way forward to test the possible hyperactivity of parts of the autistic brain.