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Can the Chain Still Hold You?

Thank you for this. I found it very inspiring. If transhumanism had a religion, this would surely be an entry in its holy book.

2011 Less Wrong Census / Survey

Just took the survey. I got a little behind on my rss feeds, sorry! Thanks for keeping it open!

Attention Lurkers: Please say hi

Or 7 months. Sorry about that! The 30 day lag is because Google Reader will purge any unread posts after about 28-30 days. So I try to read what I consider important before I lose it forever. This of course means that I end up just not reading anything except for what is about to get deleted. Ah, procrastination.

I didn't see that you had replied to this until I randomly looked at my profile on the actual LW site. Usually I just passively read LW wisdom in google reader, and not on the LW site proper.

Attention Lurkers: Please say hi

Hello. I read on a 30 day lag, so that's why I'm just now posting.