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Really apprecitate you sharing your story. I read through most of the comments and it seems most of them are centered around diet/illness and finding miracle cures almost by accident. Has anyone here had mysterious musculoskeletal issues (nerve issues, chronic pain, etc. - I know those examples are vauge...) that no doctor was able to diagnose regardless of imaging  but were able to fix through self-experimentation and trial and error?

Love this list, everything really resonates with both my day job and creative output. I just want to comment on stepping back regularly. Specifically with music production, something I do most evenings, I find 'actively forgetting' what I've worked on the day before can really help keep things fresh. When I return to an unfinished track the less I can remember each sound and how they arranged the more I am able to elaborate an idea or find a new idea in what seemed old the last time I worked on it. To actively forget I force myself to not listen to what I worked on the day before until that evening when I sit down to work on it again. At that point I'll have had 20-24 hours since last listening to what I've been working on and most times I honeslty cannot remember how the previous day's work sounds. It does take some discipline because my ego wants to listen to what I've been making and judge whether it's any good.