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pressing shift+delete while you have a specific suggestion highlighted removes it from the list of suggestions, but I think that might also be only a temporary solution (although easier to implement than navigating to a settings tab).

Confidence Confusion

>If social norms indeed dictate that significant figures transmit confidence, might it be deceptive to report 31.5 instead of 30 in conversation about the dinosaur market?

Not if it's your bid in a market, yes if someone asks you for your probability estimate. Your best point estimate is obviously your best point estimate, and suffers from rounding.

> Betty’s landing capsule collides with a giant teapot in upper orbit and lands several hundred miles away from target. She still has to report her beliefs about the mysterious coin.

Why? If she has to offer someone a bet as to which side the coin lands on, she should probably offer even odds, but I can't see any situation where she has to report her probability but isn't able to report that this is based on nothing more than her prior.

Beware Social Coping Strategies
The coping strategies that sabotage the information flow from other people alsosabotage the information flow inside a single mind.
Your relationship with other people is a macrocosm of your relationship with yourself.

I don't think I believe either of these things, both of which seem central to the post. They are extremely strong and surprising claims, but they don't feel true to me based on naive introspection, and I don't think you really try to argue for them in the post. Is there somewhere I can find out more?