The Darwin Game

It's a good point but in the original Darwin Game story, the opening sequence 2, 0, 2 was key to the plot.

Everything I Know About Elite America I Learned From ‘Fresh Prince’ and ‘West Wing’

For some reason I was reminded of this post, which could be seen as being about class structure within the Effective Altruist movement.

The Darwin Game

Why does get_opponent_source take self as an argument?

Upside decay - why some people never get lucky

Yeah I think it's an empirical question what fraction of upside is explained by weak ties.

Paul Graham wrote this essay which identifies weak ties as one of the 2 main factors behind the success of startup hubs. He also says that "one of the most distinctive things about startup hubs is the degree to which people help one another out, with no expectation of getting anything in return".

Open & Welcome Thread – October 2020

There hasn't been an LW survey since 2017. That's the longest we've ever gone without a survey since the first survey. Are people missing the surveys? What is the right interval to do them on, if any?

Open & Welcome Thread – October 2020

Why not just have a comment which is a list of bullet points and keep editing it?

MikkW's Shortform

For what it's worth, I get frustrated by people not responding to my posts/comments on LW all the time. This post was my attempt at a constructive response to that frustration. I think if LW was a bit livelier I might replace all my social media use with it. I tried to do my part to make it lively by reading and leaving comments a lot for a while, but eventually gave up.

Davis_Kingsley's Shortform

In a world of distraction, focusing on something is a revolutionary act.

Postmortem to Petrov Day, 2020

You mentioned petrov_day_admin_account, but I got a message from a user called petrovday:

Hello John_Maxwell,

You are part of a smaller group of 30 users who has been selected for the second part of this experiment. In order for the website not to go down, at least 5 of these selected users must enter their codes within 30 minutes of receiving this message, and at least 20 of these users must enter their codes within 6 hours of receiving the message. To keep the site up, please enter your codes as soon as possible. You will be asked to complete a short survey afterwards.

I saw the message more than 6 hours after it was sent and didn't read it very carefully. The possibility of phishing didn't occur to me, and I assumed that this new smaller group thing would involve entering a different code into a different page. Anyway, it was a useful lesson in being more aware of phishing attacks.

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