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This is a must read! A lot of people are reacting negatively to avoid shame. But more often than not, humility is being left behind.

I agree, 100%, that true humility is the antidote of shame. One has to admit any wrongdoing and learn from any lesson that it brings.

Thanks! :)

hahaha..Well, what can I say? The title says it all - this is "Anything that makes you happy" LOL :)

The spirit of the rules will always be there, you just have to play with them :)

This is a fun, informative read! :)

Well, being religious and at the same time rational is really hard to merge. However, I totally agree with you when you say - rationality can be useful for a religious person is in the living of our daily lives. :)

Making a "good" decision is different from making the "right" decision, but these 2 can be achieved in one decision making.

This article says it all! A very good read! Thanks!

I am new to EA and this article together with the inputs I am getting with Gleb, everything seems to be clearer.

For now, I can personally say that I am transformed from a typical EA member (just someone who listen and read about EA-related articles) into a dedicated EA member (active and participative) .

Thank you all, guys! :)

The term, Sally-Anne fallacy, can be used to many situations as indicated in your article.

I find you article really interesting and very informative. Of course, anyone can argue that it's not simply because you believe that thing, that thing is true. The Sally-Anne fallacy is indeed a cause of biased counter arguments, if not being addressed upon accordingly.

A worthwhile read!

Thanks, Gleb! The 9 strategies are well-explained and really helpful.

I personal believe that "Being Intentional" is the start of everything. As you pointed out, when one figures out his/her aims and strategies for giving, everything will seem to be on track to achieving its goals though their acts of generosity.

Of course, it should lead us to the last strategy of "Being Proud". One should be eager to share his/her act of kindness to motivate others to do so.

A must read! :)

Hi Less Wrong,

I am John Chavez from the Philippines. I'm a part-time teacher in a community college, teaching computer hardware servicing and maintenance to out-of-school youths.

As I take much value on helping others in my community and reach out to people who needs help, I came to know about Intentional Insights on Facebook, which leads me here in Less Wrong. I have been here for a while reading several published articles. There are a lot of articles here that I really love to read, although I must admit that there are a few that I found confusing and I disagree of.

Hence, I am introducing myself to you to formally start my quest in learning more about being rationalist.

I hope this will be enough for you to welcome me in your community. It will be humbling to know your thoughts :)


I hope that someday I would be able to organize an outreach and share it here in your outreach thread.

Congrats on your article being published in TIME - not everyone has the chance of doing it! :) By the way, the 5 steps are simply amazing! Great ideas.

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