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The Creation Myth defies the dogma of "mysterious ways".

I believe the universe has always and will always exist, with merely allowances for matter approaching either 2 or 3 dimensions.

Creation from infinite power to our finite power is mathematically impossible, by definition. Creation from a finite power to lesser finite power could be understood, using scale - like reading a map or envisioning the planet Jupiter. Thus with some future understanding of the "creation", "mysterious ways" lies fall apart.

Also - the so called Great Flood would have created a pressure level at the bottom of the oceans that would have killed pretty much all the life there - which we know to have thrived (and evolved), uninterrupted, for many millions of years.

And - repeatable genetics studies point to the cradle of humanity having existed some 200,000 to 150,000 years ago somewhere around modern day Ethiopia, which is a long ways from the Tigris or Euphrates (the Garden of Eden). What is considered modern man come from an individual with an advantageous mutation for improved speech.

I have many more arguments against religions, but I'd be mostly repeating things on this website and others.