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This is actually what social media is for, but you don't have to fill out a questionnaire. You also don't have to out yourself as being so lonely and without friends that you're using a special matchmaking service to find new friends, this in itself could be unattractive to new acquaintances. 

Just a reminder that if everyone were asexual, the species would become extinct in short order :). 

You shouldn't be comparing only HOMICIDES, the point of this comparison is that you are much more likely to die (from any cause, most likely from an automobile accident) than you are to die while taking public transit (from any cause). Homicide may be the most likely cause of death while taking public transit (or it may not), but I imagine the odds of getting killed in an accident while driving present a much greater risk. 

The most efficient way to do this would be a panopticon-style structure where one guard (‘assistant’) could oversee dozens or hundreds of workers.

Mako i just read your response post.

this proposed solution reminds me very much of some of the solutions the software and music industries proposed in order to stop piracy. unfortunately none of these worked, or were practical enough to put into widespread use. and of course the adoption has to be UNIVERSAL to be effective.