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The non-existence of unicorns makes the claim that they have legs, in whatever number, inconsistent with reality.

Cool. : )

Is "Unicorns have 5 legs" consistent with reality? I would be quite surprised to find out that it was.

Could you give me an example of a belief that is consistent with reality but false?

Tell me what Zork is and i'll let you know. : )

Coming up with a made up word will not solve this problem. If the word describes the content of the author's stories then there will be sensory experiences that a reader can expect when reading those stories.

A belief is true if it is consistent with reality.

The first means that a fraction of the particles were nudged into a path that was a circle rather than a line. Apparently increasing the chances of fusion. As for the second a "fraction of a line" does not really mean much but it appears to be a comment on the size and form of the glinting thing.

I think the reason I was reluctant to accept that Quirrell is Voldemort is that Harry is a lot smarter than me and he trusted Quirrell.

Oh god, I have this mental image of Harry standing next to a blood soaked guillotine insisting that he is a Light Lord!

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