Covid vaccine safety: how correct are these allegations?

'If this were true, where are the lawsuits against the vaccine makers?'

Surely they've been shielded from liability so there won't be any.

Often, enemies really are innately evil.

To me, 'evil' means 'should be destroyed if possible'. Therefore I don't like to hand out the label recklessly, as it leads generally to impotent rage, which is harmful to me.

Why has no one compared Covid-19 and Vaccine Risks?

Is only 1/3 of Long Covid sufferers actually having had covid definitely a thing, too? I think it is (or maybe antibody tests give many false positives?)

Why has no one compared Covid-19 and Vaccine Risks?

That seems a bit overconfident. Immunity is one supposed long-term effect. Death is another long-term effect though obviously infrequent in approved vaccines.

Why has no one compared Covid-19 and Vaccine Risks?

In order to weigh about the possibility of long term effects of the MRNA covax (Pfizer, Moderna), we need some plausible categories of mechanism; my understanding is that a known-harmful spike protein is produced in some quantity (surely dose dependent; why do they dose large people the same as small?) which may cause some clots or other harms acutely, but then days later spike levels are back to zero at which point there's nothing more to worry about except lingering cancer type damage that won't heal fully, and autoimmune (more likely in case of response to covid exposure than broadly own-tissue-attacking which we'd have seen already after 100m doses). I've heard no specific evidence that the spike insult or the MRNA mechanism would cause either but those are the categories of risk as I see it, FWIW.

Why has no one compared Covid-19 and Vaccine Risks?

How much lower is the chance of being 'infected eventually' if you keep current on your annual (or whatever it ends up at) corona vaccination booster?

Alcohol, health, and the ruthless logic of the Asian flush

Convincing. Good question re: Disulfiram. Maybe drugs that make it easier to ride out physical dependency (+ alcohol withdrawal poisoning) are of greater practical use/demand - methadone seems popular [for rehabilitating opiate addicts, not alcohol, obv.].

Alzheimer's, Huntington's and Mitochondria Part 3: Predictions and Retrospective



Why? 'EET-A will show temporary benefits as an anti-ageing therapy (70% as above) and will work "better" than* senolytics in that it will actually reverse ageing rather than needing to be taken at higher concentrations over time (40%).'

How would you obtain and how would you dose if you were performing a human study?

(and why 3 separate parts?)

This may have made sense to the author, but to me it's unclear and unmotivated.

How long should I delay my second shot?

Clearly the second dose of pfizer/moderna increases effectiveness.

It also clearly increases the chance you're mildly sick for about a day. Probably skipping the second is fine but presumably people are keeping quiet when they do this so as to not reduce herd compliance.

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