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Explaining the Twitter Postrat Scene

Consider also that activities you find you enjoy, such as LW or Twitter posting, are likely to be judged by you as more useful than they are.  Agree that LW-style is not the only one to think in.  Authors here could give more weight to being easily understood than showing off.

Explaining the Twitter Postrat Scene

I liked your Qanon-feminist tweet, but we have to remember that something that upsets people by creating dissonance around the mistake you intend (even if they can't pin down the intent) is not as good as actually correcting the mistake. It's certainly easier to create an emotionally jarring contrast around a mistaken belief than to get people to understand+accept an explicit correction, so I can see why you'd enjoy creating the easy+viral.

They Don’t Know About Second Booster

I haven't seen booster net efficacy assessed in an honest way, since they often exclude events for the first 2 weeks post-boost. Agree that we should expect a small effect only; I would approve for whoever wants and leave it at that.

Why is the war in Ukraine particularly dangerous for the world?

While I lived through and can confirm the prevlance of the 'extinguish all civilization' MAD narrative, I wonder today how extinguished it actually would have been. (famine due to a year of reduced sunlight from dust floating around was part of the story)

Lives of the Cambridge polymath geniuses imaginative I suppose. Why is Wittgenstein thought to have contributed anything of worth? Yes, he was clever. Yes, some of his contemporaries praised him.

I have COVID, for how long should I isolate?

sniffles don't matter; 10 days after fever's end seems generous/considerate. allegedly positive nasal swab antigen tests will persist for days after it's impossible to lab-culture the virus from a snot sample but in any case such tests are definitely negative after 14 days of onset

The Speed of Rumor

Aren't rumors typically rounded up for impact in the fashion you caught this someone doing by luck of existing direct knowledge?

COVID Skepticism Isn't About Science

Poll inadequancy: zero is not right, but I think the answer to P(hospitalized|covid) is <1%

Help figuring out my sexuality?

Sounds like you've imprinted some sort of not exactly resentment+rejection of the power+value of female sexuality (as I think some gay men have) but rather frustrated worship+submission to it, congruent with high porn consumption, although you say you don't actually consume much since the out and about the powerless man ogling/frustration stimulus is enough. 
This voyeurish mode and esp. the powerlessness arousal fetish doesn't help you pose as the typically high-value 'prize' so the lack of access isn't surprising. As an unsolicited prescription, I'd suggest getting used to interacting with as high-value women as you can stand as powerfully as possible (even if that mean just not acting thirsty; confident flirtation/approaches are even better). If your desire were more connected to pursuit you'd learn+calibrate as part of a road to increasing comfort and inevitably results.

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